A testimony of Salome

A few years ago Salome was sick, so she went to a clinic to buy some medicine. The people she spoke to advised her to go to a hospital for further treatment. She waited there for 5 or 6 hours before she was taken to a room for the doctor to help her. Once she received some medicine, the doctor informed her that one of her lungs was been eaten; she wasn’t sure what was going on. After a few days they placed her on oxygen, because she was battling to breathe on her own; she was trying to breathe on her own, but she just couldn’t without the oxygen tank. This went on for 3 months till she made a choice to seek GOD one night. She prayed hard to GOD, removed the oxygen mask, and slept without using it. At midnight she woke up and was holding it in her hand but had no need for it. She thanked GOD for protecting her and told the doctor what had happened. When she was released to go home, she was weak and couldn’t stand up on her own. When she got home she took it slowly, and step by step she got better and can now walk without any pain. She thanked GOD that He was with her through it all.

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